July 2, 2016
Format: Hardcover
Schroeder's reminiscences of childhood days spent at her grandmother's house make a wonderful picture book. Whether it is the memory of playing in the enclosed front porch during a rain storm while Gramma works at her sewing machine, or Gramma tucking kids in at the end of another long summer day, the memories are full of love and warmth. Anyone lucky enough to have a grandmother like Gramma Darling will feel an instant kinship with the remembrance of delicious desserts made with lots of love or the safety of performing a song or skit knowing that she is always there to applaud. The circular nature of the story is a reflection of the "circle of life," with the book opening on the scene of a grandchild just learning to walk across the rug and into Gramma's arms, and closing with a similar scene -but this time with a great-grandchild toddling into those arms.

Doron Ben-Ami's illustrations are so clear and crisp readers may double-check to make sure that they are not really looking at photographs. The happiness on the children's faces as they explore in Gramma's yard, the pleasure on her face as she watches them eat her homemade pie, and the love beaming from her smile as she waits for those hesitant steps to carry her grandchild across the room and into her arms are all captured perfectly. This is a book that will become a family tradition among readers. And what's better than snuggling in a grandmother's lap for a read-aloud? (Although offering the recipe for Gramma Darling's Chocolaty Cherry Cake is also very nice.)

I received a copy of the book from the author for review purposes.
July 14, 2016
Format: Hardcover
I was asked to review this book and was given a copy in exchange.
I’m certainly glad I did.
This is a lovely book. It is inspiring and thought-provoking.
The author invites us to slip into her childhood where trips to Gramma’s home were rich with experiences and love.
The experiences her and her siblings shared at Gramma’s were just ordinary things kids did. However, they were sprinkled with such kindness they are so special.
How wonderful of her to share them with us.
This illustrations are breathtaking!
The illustrations are quite amazing and I’m sure they will delight anyone who picks up this book.
They capture the wonderment each child experiences as they feed worms to baby birds or delve into the mysterious unknown of the attic!
This book will help encourage you to share stories of your own childhood with your children. And, who knows, your children may grow and share their stories with their children too.
Such is the magic of shared experiences, a life that celebrates the tapestry of life and the extraordinary brilliance of ordinary people.
As the book blurb says:
“It is truly extraordinary, the difference one woman can make in the life of a child.”
This is the sort of book your children will want to read over and over again. It will certainly have pride of place on their bookshelf.